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We are distinguished from other institutions in providing consultancy and training services with high-quality professional specifications according to the following elements:
We rely on experts and consultants in the world of training, whether at the level of the Kingdom or the world, and in various fields. Experts are selected on a high-quality basis, and are constantly evaluated.
Experience and professionalism in the selection, development and design of training programs and their flexibility and conformity with the actual needs of the target group of training.
We have cooperation relations with global expertise houses in order to provide consultancy with some companies in the aspects of management and human resources. We bring international trainers for training in the Kingdom and carry out training courses outside the Kingdom.

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Ease of use

Learn through videos, e-books and practical projects with direct technical support from the Jeddah Chamber e-training platform


A selection of trainers with accreditation certificates at the international and local levels, with long training experiences,

Dozens of specialties

Dozens of specializations in different fields of business, computer science, marketing, management and others,


Professional platform that offers specialized and accredited certificates that enhance your skills and career opportunities

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We provide training programs for organizations according to their training needs, and we also provide various consultations in all training fields To book appointments, we also have a group of the best trainers in the Kingdom, the Gulf and the Arab world, and spread awareness and education to build The development of positive thinking and the dissemination and sharing of knowledge to achieve integration and constructive cooperation in various fields of training and provision of advisory services


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Training company services

Preparing and qualifying all service and production organizations to obtain various types of ISO certificates in the sectors of hospitality services and training, starting from training the work team and preparing the complete system until obtaining the certificate.

We provide many needs assessments in different employment contexts where the work environment requires employees to be skilled in performing complex tasks in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

One cannot ignore or underestimate the many advantages of training courses, as they have become of great importance in self-improvement and the search for what is better and better.

A group of specialized training solutions in the field of computer technology that suit the different training needs of its clients, including diplomas, courses and various qualification and development programs

In line with our commitment to excellence, we offer a number of certification exam training courses offered by international associations in various fields such as management, finance and accounting.

Conversational skills for beginners will help you learn the English language that you can use in practical life immediately, and the focus will be on the language of conversation skills at the primary level, and special attention will be given to useful phrases and terms, in addition to focusing on the correct pronunciation method.

Personal skills and self development

Distinguished employees have a special talent that helps them get results from others in the organization, and in a way they show a great ability to achieve results despite the challenges of time and scarce resources

Training Sectors

Providing training and educational development, locally and regionally


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